2018 Overseas Voting Social Media Outreach

Social media can aid your efforts to reach local audiences of U.S. citizen voters during the 2018 election season.

If the consular section manages its own social media properties or if Mission social media platforms draw U.S. citizen audiences, the following content can be used to explain procedures and timelines for voting while residing abroad. If Mission social media audiences comprise mainly foreign nationals, consider tying information for U.S. citizen voters into general information about the U.S. election process. In either case, we strongly encourage consular sections to sit down with the Public Affairs Section to coordinate your overseas voting outreach.

The following content may be shared on Twitter as part of Q&A activities or as stand-alone content and may be repurposed for Facebook use and tailored to your post’s situation.

Send questions about using social media for voter outreach to CA/P’s Digital Engagement team at  CA-DigitalEngagement@state.gov.

General Content and Answers to FAQs

Live overseas? Your #Vote2018 still matters! http://youtu.be/V7Cq6wCinFA FVAP.gov has info on voting absentee. #ProudOverseasVoter

Presidential Primary Questions

U.S. citizens living and traveling overseas can vote in state primary elections. Visit #FVAP: http://ow.ly/xF9xd #ProudOverseasVoter

U.S. citizens voting overseas whose home state has caucus instead of primary should contact the state for info (insert link to FVAP page with state contact details) #ProudOverseasVoter

U.S. citizens overseas voting in 2018: check with your state for when to request absentee ballot #FVAP http://ow.ly/xF9xd #ProudOverseasVoter

U.S. citizens overseas can drop off completed primary ballots at U.S. embassies and consulates. Info: http://ow.ly/Tm8L4 #ProudOverseasVoter

U.S. citizens voting overseas should return primary ballots at least 3-4 weeks before the deadline. #ProudOverseasVoter

#Vote2018, U.S. citizens abroad should check if your state allows electronic return of ballots. Go to: http://ow.ly/xF9xd for more information.#ProudOverseasVoter

How do I vote if I’m overseas?

To #Vote2018, #U.S. citizens abroad must register and request an absentee ballot after January 1, 2018. Visit #FVAP to do both: http://ow.ly/xF9xd #ProudOverseasVoter

To be a #ProudOverseasVoter, you *must* submit new Federal Post Card App every year. Don’t miss out on #Vote2018! http://ow.ly/xF9xd

Use the #FVAP online wizard to complete + print Federal Post Card Application: http://ow.ly/xF9xd #ProudOverseasVoter #Vote2018

Send Federal Post Card App to voting officials in your home state. For more info go to http://ow.ly/xF9xd #ProudOverseasVoter #Vote2018

Have you submitted Fed Post Card App for #Vote2018? You must submit one each year to be #ProudOverseasVoter. Don’t miss out! http://ow.ly/xF9xd

When is the registration deadline?

#Vote2018: Voting registration deadlines vary by state. Don’t wait, do it now! Check your state’s deadline: http://ow.ly/xF9xd #ProudOverseasVoter

#Vote2018: For earliest ballot delivery, request e-delivery, and include your email address on Fed Post Card App. http://ow.ly/xF9xd #ProudOverseasVoter

Do I have to mail my forms?

First-time voters may need to submit signed paper Federal Post Card App. Check state regs here: http://ow.ly/xF9xd #ProudOverseasVoter

Many states allow registered voters to submit Federal Post Card App via fax or email. Check here: http://ow.ly/xF9xd #ProudOverseasVoter

Use a postage-paid envelope to send Federal Post Card App to the U.S. via your local embassy. http://ow.ly/xFfrT #ProudOverseasVoter

We’re hosting an absentee #Vote2018 event! (Insert shortened ow.ly link to event details) Drop off your Fed Post Card App: http://ow.ly/xF9xd #ProudOverseasVoter

When do I get my ballot?

When will you receive your ballot? States send them to you 45 days before Election Day. #ProudOverseasVoter #Vote2018

Submit your email address on the Fed Post Card App, request e-delivery, and you’ll receive your ballot 45 days before Election Day. Easy! #ProudOverseasVoter #Vote2018

Voters who submit Fed Post Card Apps late or request ballots by mail risk late ballot delivery. Consider e-delivery. #ProudOverseasVoter #Vote2018

Where do I vote?

A U.S. citizen abroad can be a #ProudOverseasVoter almost anywhere. You don’t even need to visit the embassy! It’s a vote-by-mail process. http://ow.ly/xF9xd

How do I return my completed ballot?

Drop completed ballot in postage-paid envelope at the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate. Call for hours: travel.state.gov/destination #ProudOverseasVoter #Vote2018

Can’t make it to the embassy? Someone else can drop off ballot for you. Check our country pages for Embassy locations/ contact information: travel.state.gov/destination. #ProudOverseasVoter

Some U.S. embassies and consulates let you mail your #Vote2018 ballot to them via local mail for delivery to the United States. Note: You MUST call the embassy first to confirm. #ProudOverseasVoter

Last-minute #ProudOverseasVoter? Sending your ballot via express courier service to the United States may be expensive, but worth it to cast your #Vote2018.

When should I send in my completed ballot?

#Vote2018: It’s best to return your completed ballot ASAP. Take into account mail transit times to your U.S. voting district. #ProudOverseasVoter

We’re hosting an absentee #Vote2018 event! (Insert shortened ow.ly link to event details) Drop off your Fed Post Card App: http://ow.ly/xF9xd #ProudOverseasVoter

Do I need to show ID?

#Vote2018: States may require ID on Federal Post Card App. If you are dropping off your ballot at embassy/consulate, you’ll need your ID for entry. #ProudOverseasVoter

Do I need to get my forms notarized?

You do not need to notarize voting forms, but you may need a witness depending on your state: http://ow.ly/xF9xd #ProudOverseasVoter #Vote2018

I am not 18 yet but will be by Election Day 2018. Can I vote?

Turning 18 before election day? Complete the Federal Post Card App today to #Vote2018. http://ow.ly/xF9xd #ProudOverseasVoter

Can I vote for all offices? Do I have to?

Can a #ProudOverseasVoter vote for all offices? Depends on state. Temporarily abroad? Yes. Permanently? Maybe federal offices only: http://ow.ly/xFl5V

Haven’t researched all #Vote2018 races on ballot? Not required to vote for every office. Can vote for House/Senate only. #ProudOverseasVoter

The following tweets can be sent simultaneously:

Can a #ProudOverseasVoter vote for all offices? Depends on your state. If you’re temporarily overseas, yes. [1/2]

Permanently overseas? Maybe fed offices only. Contact local election officials for your state’s procedures. http://ow.ly/xFl5V [2/2]

What if I don’t get my ballot?

#Vote2018: Didn’t get your ballot? If you submitted Federal Post Card App in 2018 you can complete a Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot. http://ow.ly/xF9xd #ProudOverseasVoter

Use #FVAP’s Online Assistant if you need a Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot: http://ow.ly/xF9xd #ProudOverseasVoter #Vote2018

If you send in a Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot and the state ballot arrives later, send in the state ballot too; only one will count. #ProudOverseasVoter

Will my #Vote2018 be counted?

Are you a #ProudOverseasVoter? Election officials count every valid vote received by the state deadline! Check deadline here http://ow.ly/xF9xd. #Vote2018

Is my vote important?

Your vote counts! Several past Senate and House races have been decided by margins smaller than the number of overseas votes. #ProudOverseasVoter #Vote2018

I’m a U.S. citizen but I’ve never lived in the United States. Can I #Vote2018?

30 states and DC let U.S. citizens who’ve never resided in the United States use their parents’ state of residence Get more info at http://ow.ly/xFzAf #ProudOverseasVoter #Vote2018

I haven’t lived in the U. S. for a long time and don’t know what our address was. Can I vote in any state?

Been overseas long-term? You can #Vote2018 in the state where you last lived or were registered to vote. #ProudOverseasVoter

You must know your U.S. address to register and receive a ballot. If you don’t, ask relatives, schools, or the Social Security Administration (@SocialSecurity). #ProudOverseasVoter

Who should I vote for?

We want every U.S. citizen abroad to be a #ProudOverseasVoter– we offer nonpartisan assistance so your voice can be heard in #Vote2018.

Helpful Links and Other Resources

Voter forms available for Download: http://www.fvap.gov/eo/overview/materials/forms

FVAP FAQs http://www.fvap.gov/vao/vag/appendix/faq

State Voting Information http://www.fvap.gov/links

League of Women Voters Education Fund’s site, www.vote411.org (helpful, user-friendly website that allows voters to search information by staCleared: