Public Affairs

The Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy in Khartoum consists of two American officers and five local employees, including specialists in media, cultural affairs, and information resources.

The principal mission of the Public Affairs Section is to promote understanding of U.S. society, values, and policies. To accomplish this mission, public diplomacy personnel engage in outreach to a wide variety of groups and institutions, including the media, all levels of schools, cultural associations, and relevant government agencies and NGOs.

After years of downsizing (including the closure of the American Cultural Center in 1990), the Public Affairs Section (PAS) in Khartoum is gradually resuming a normal range of information and cultural activities. It administers an International Visitors Leadership Program, which offers to Sudanese leaders in various fields two- and three-week U.S. study-tours. PAS organizes public affairs programs on various themes, on occasion featuring visiting speakers from the United States. The section distributes books and other informational materials to local contacts and institutions, supports English-language training, and encourages students to seek higher education in the United States. It monitors the local press, distributing a daily Sudan Morning News to readers in Sudan and overseas. Finally, PAS can respond to special requests for information about the United States and relevant policy issues. To this end, in August 2008, the U.S. Embassy inaugurated its Information Resource Center (IRC), managed by the Public Affairs Section. The IRC is open to the public, by appointment, for research on the United States, current events, and other issues.

Contact Information:

Tel: (249) 187 022 000
Tel: (249) 187 022 109

Operating Hours:

The Public Affairs Section is open Sunday to Thursday, from 8:00am to 4:30pm.