First Embassy Visit to Dinder National Park since 2011

On the occasion of World Wildlife Day, Deputy Chief of Mission Ervin Massinga led an eight-member Embassy delegation to the Sennar State capital of Singa and to Dinder National Park on March 4 to 7. This was the Embassy’s first official visit to Dinder National Park since 2011. Dinder National Park was established in 1935 and is considered one of the oldest national parks in Africa, and contains lions, gazelles, antelopes, water buffaloes, wart hogs, baboons, and exotic birds, among other species. Park authorities informed the delegation about the huge potential of the park, the challenges they currently face, and explored the possibility of technical collaboration with American research institutions on wildlife conservation and water management issues. The delegation delved into issues related to relations between the local communities and wildlife administration authorities regarding management of the park. Park administrators and rangers provided a first-hand look at wildlife habitat, migration routes, and related conservation challenges facing Dinder National Park.

The park is in impressive condition thanks in large part to the work of Sudan’s wildlife protection officials. During their visit, the delegation met with the Governor of Sennar State Al-Daw Ahmed Al-Mahdi, the Dinder Locality Commissioner Abdelazim Adam Yousif, Wildlife Administration officials, and local community leaders to learn more about efforts made to protect the natural resources, promote tourism, wildlife conservation, and anti-wildlife trafficking.