“Let Girls Learn”

“Win-win: Educating girls helps everyone.” First lady Michelle Obama met with pupils and teachers at London’s Mulberry School for Girls. During her June 16 visit to London, first lady Michelle Obama (https://share.america.gov/five-little-known-facts-about-michelle-obama/) announced that the United States and the United Kingdom are launching new partnerships worth nearly $200 million to support education for adolescent girls in developing countries, including those affected by conflict and crisis. Speaking in London (https://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2015/06/16/remarks-first-lady-let-girls-learn-event-london-uk) to promote the “Let Girls Learn” (https://share.america.gov/let-girls-learn-aims-more-girls-education/) initiative, Obama said 62 million girls are not receiving an education because of family or social opposition, poverty, or the lack of a nearby school to attend. She said the loss is ultimately borne by everyone, not just the girls.