Security Alert from Embassy Khartoum


The U.S. Embassy has received no reports overnight of additional violent encounters, following a day of reported violence on October 25, 2021. Americans are still strongly advised to shelter in place to the extent possible. The Embassy has learned that two charter flights left Khartoum International Airport following the mass cancellation of commercial flights on October 25. As of this posting, no commercial flights have departed since the onset of yesterday’s events and most commercial carriers have announced their services are cancelled until further notice. American Citizens are advised not to go to the airport. When commercial flights are confirmed to be departing, an alert will be released.

Please do not come to the Embassy as all in-person services are suspended. Telephone networks are only occasionally functioning and all land-based internet networks are not functioning. At this time, the only known internet networks known to be functioning are the satellite based Salanco and Manet netwoks.

In the event of an emergency, please contact the international assistance line at +1-888-407-4747 or the U.S. domestic assistance line at +1-202-501-4444. If internet is available, the American Citizen Services unit continues to monitor its email inbox at