Security Alert: Update on Sudan Departure Information – May 4, 2023 at 7:40 a.m

Security Alert Update on Sudan Departure Information May 4, 2023

Location:  Sudan, Countrywide

Event:  U.S. citizens should not go to the Hotel Coral in Port Sudan or go to Fenti Golf in Khartoum.  The U.S. government is no longer present to assist U.S. citizens in these locations.  Information on other options to leave Sudan can be found via the information provided below.

Port Suakin Departures:

Buying Tickets:  Tickets are available for purchase for passage on the commercial ferry Aziz Express.  They can be purchased in-person from the office of the Qartage ticketing agent offices in:  Suakin, Sudan; Port Sudan, Sudan; or Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  Passengers should go to the relevant port and look for the Qartage office.  The ticket agent office can be reached at +249 91-254-8526.

Pricing:  Tickets must be purchased in cash.  Tickets purchased in Suakin or Port Sudan can be paid for with Sudanese pounds, USD, or Saudi riyal.  Tickets purchased from the agent office in Jeddah must be paid in Saudi riyal.  Ticket prices currently are:

  •     Adult:  Approx. 320,000 Sudanese pounds / approx. $533 USD / 2,000 Saudi riyal;
  •     Child:  Approx. 208,000 Sudanese pounds / approx. $347 USD / 1300 Saudi riyal;
  •     Infant:  Approx. 96,000 Sudanese pounds / approx.$160 USD / 600 Saudi riyal.

Schedule:  The trip duration for the Aziz Express is 17 hours.  Food and drink are available for purchase in cash on the boat.  The boat’s capacity is 280 passengers, and it will depart when at least 250 passengers are reached.  The ship is expected to continue operating as normal for the foreseeable future – there are currently no plans to alter operations.

Visas:  U.S. citizens with their U.S. passports are able to board without a Saudi visa.  Other passengers will need to show a Saudi residence or tourist visa or an onward visa to another country.  A Saudi Umrah (religious pilgrimage) visa is not accepted.

While there are options to depart Sudan, you must decide the safest and best method of departure for yourself and your family.  The United States government advises that travel is at your own risk.

Actions to take: