This March 2021 we celebrate Women’s History Month

This March 2021 we celebrate Women’s History Month by noting some of the often overlooked contributions that women have made to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

What do light switches, refrigerators, and trash cans have in common? Lillian Gilbreth! 💡

Dr. Gilbreth is considered the first industrial & organizational psychologist, and her work forever changed the way our homes function. A psychologist, a consultant, an educator, and an industrial engineer, Gilbreth is credited with innovations like wall switches, shelves in refrigerator doors, trash can foot pedals, and more! 🏡

In addition to being a pioneer for women in STEM, Gilbreth was the mother of 12. Her son, Frank Gilbreth Jr., went on to write books about their life that were turned into major motion pictures like Cheaper by the Dozen! #STEMFirsts #WomenInSTEM