What’s New From AE American English

American English LIVE Teacher Development Series 13 will have its second session on February 2nd on the American English for Educators Facebook page. The second session, “Cultural Introductions by Way of Storytelling” will take place at 8am and 1pm ET.  Throughout the entire series, we’ll be celebrating 60 years of English Teaching Forum with webinars presented by FORUM authors. Promotional graphics and discussion posts are included with this week’s materials.

The most recent issue of English Language Forum is now available on the American English website. The (Vol. 59, No. 4) issue features articles on the following topics, among others: strategies for using nonprofit commercials as content, assessing learners’ productive vocabulary knowledge, helping pre-service teachers observe classes more productively, practicing tense and aspect in a creative,  and a collaborative activity. The My Classroom article focuses on a teacher in Vermont (and Michigan) whose online work reaches learners around the world. Authors in this issue represent Germany, Uzbekistan, Japan, the Philippines, and the United States. Please spread the word about the release of this issue!

Our February theme on the American English at State Facebook page is Critical Thinking and Problem Solving. On the American English for Educators Facebook page our February theme is Embracing Social Media. Feel free to download our graphics and use them on your U.S. Government associated Facebook pages. They can be found in Box and SharePoint.

The Office of English Language Programs will be celebrating the 60th Anniversary of English Teaching Forum (FORUM) in 2022. We will officially launch the celebration this month with a series of webinars, all presented by past authors of FORUM, regular social media posts highlighting and celebrating the 60th Anniversary, and much more. The social media toolkit can be found in SharePoint and Box. Please use as you begin planning activities you may want to do to celebrate FORUM in 2022 and to amplify this celebration.

Be sure to check out our American English Materials. You can find copies of our materials at the following links. The Global Guide to English Language Programming in American Spaces can be found in Box and on the American English Website. The updated Picture U.S. edition 2021, is in Box and on the AE website. The Online Program Material Guides – Teacher’s Guide to Creating Lessons with MOOCs, MOOC Camp Guide for Facilitators, and Virtual Watch Party guide is in Box and on the AE website.

Online Professional English Network (OPEN) MOOCs: English for Career Development, English for Science, Technology, and Mathematics (STEM),  English for Journalism,  English for Business & Entrepreneurship, English for Media Literacy, Assessment of English Language Learners, are open for enrollment. More details about all MOOCs and links can be found below.