What’s New in American English – Week of March 8th, 2021

Throughout the month of March on our American English at State Facebook page the theme will be Digital Citizenship. On the American English for Educators Facebook page the theme for March is Online Teaching. Feel free to download our graphics and use them on your U.S. Government associated Facebook pages. They can be found in Box and Sharepoint.


On our American English for Educators Facebook page the American English live Teacher Development Series 10 will have its next session on Wednesday, March 10th. The fourth session, “Increasing Student Talk Time in the Online Classroom” will take place at 8am and 1pm ET. Promotional graphics are included in this week’s materials.


On the Access Teachers’ Corner Facebook group the topic for March is Teaching Online with a focus of meeting students online learning needs. This week our expert will focus on Increasing Student Engagement in Online Learning.  All Access teachers and other educators are welcome! Please invite educators in your area to join.


Our American English YouTube channel is an outstanding resource for English language teaching and learning.  Check out our new featured animated video about  Student Motivation. Do you find it challenging to keep students motivated throughout the school year?  Watch this conversation between two teachers about the ARCS model to learn how to motivate your students. There are examples on how to implement the ARCS model into your classrooms at the end of the video.


On the American English at State Facebook Page our next Faces and Places interview will go live on Tuesday, March 16, at 11 a.m. DC time. A promotional graphic will be included in next week’s materials. All previous Faces and Places interviews can be found in Box.


The final issue of 2020 of the English Teaching Forum is now available on the American English website. The issue (Vol. 58, No. 4) includes articles by teachers from, or with strong connections to, Madagascar, Tajikistan, Bangladesh, Switzerland, China, and the United States, and the My Classroom article is focused on a teacher in Libya. Please see below for more information and links.


Online Professional English Network (OPEN) MOOCs: English for Media Literacy, English for Business & Entrepreneurship, & English for Journalism are open for enrollment.  Participants can enroll in these courses until April 23, 2021. More details about all MOOCs and links can be found below.


American English Live Teacher Development Series 10

American English Live: Teacher Development Series 10 begins on January 27, 2021! We’ll focus on the theme of “Making the Transition to Online and Hybrid Classrooms” during these six webinars for English language educators around the world.


Series 10 events take place every other Wednesday from January 27th through April 7th at 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. Eastern Time from Washington, DC. To join these sessions, go to the @AmericanEnglishforEducators Facebook page (www.facebook.com/AmericanEnglishforEducators) at those times on the event dates. Check the local broadcast times in your region here: bit.ly/ChecktheTime


Registration is not required, but if you’d like to receive Series 10 updates and reminders, please complete this online form:https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2021WS10


At the end of each free session, you can complete a short quiz to earn a digital participation badge!


Optional Certificate Language:

To learn about opportunities to connect with other participants and a chance to earn an e-certificate when you attend 4 out of 6 sessions, contact your Regional English Language Office or local U.S. Embassy: https://americanenglish.state.gov/support-near-you-regional-english-language-officer-relo


Presentation Dates and Titles


January 27, 2021 – 8 am and 1 pm ET

Presentation: Unleashing Your True Teaching Power: Interaction in Online Learning Environments

Presenter: Shane Dixon


February 10, 2021 – 8 am and 1 pm ET

Presentation: Creating Community Online

Presenter: Heather Gaddis


February 24, 2021 – 8 am and 1 pm ET

Presentation: Tips and Activities for Creating a Communicative EFL Classroom Using Online Meeting Software

Presenters: Lea Gabay and Kelly Vassar


March 10, 2021 – 8 am and 1 pm ET

Presentation: Increasing Student Talk Time in the Online Classroom

Presenter: Christine Esche


March 24, 2021 – 8 am and 1 pm ET

Presentation: Differentiating Instruction (Online!) for Equity in Learning

Presenter: Chloe Bellows


April 7, 2021 – 8 am and 1 pm ET

Presentation: Effective Assessment Practices for Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning in an Online Environment

Presenter: Kendra Staley


American English YouTube Channel

Our American English YouTube channel is an outstanding resource for English language teaching and learning. The channel has a total of 759 videos, divided into sections aimed at English language learners and English language teachers.


We encourage you to use these resources freely and to invite teachers and learners in your area to subscribe to our channel.


Featured Section: For English Language Teachers: Deep Dives into Professional Development by Topic


This newly added section features 15 thematic playlists. Twelve playlists consist of our full-length professional development webinars organized by topic; these consist of short video clips that highlight teaching tips by topic. See