What’s New in American English – Week of September 20, 2021

This week on the American English at State Facebook page we continue to highlight our September theme of Language Learning and our language point of phrasal verbs. The American English for Educators Facebook page shares more exciting content on our September theme of Back to School.  The Teacher’s Corner Facebook group has great content for our September theme of Establishing and Supporting English Clubs. Feel free to download our graphics and use them on your U.S. Government associated Facebook pages. They can be found in Box and Sharepoint.

This week on the American English at State Facebook Page we have language learning vocabulary including  motivation, placement test, and proficiency level. September’s language point focuses on phrasal verbs, and this week we share posts on the phrasal verbs, catch up with, go over, read up on, and call on. Our English for Career Development MOOC Vocabulary this week are signature, elevator speech, and qualified.

On the American English for Educators Facebook page the American English LIVE Teacher Development Series 12 will have its second session on Wednesday, September 29. The second session, “ACTIVATE 21st Century Skills with Board Games in the Classroom ” will take place at 8am and 1pm ET. Promotional graphics and discussion posts are included with this week’s materials.

This week in the Teacher’s Corner Facebook group the theme of Establishing and Supporting English Clubs will focus on Club Meetings: Challenges and Possibilities.  We will brainstorm different types of activities that can lead to successful small group discussions. Our Expert Kathy will present her favorite club activities for promoting small group discussions.

Be sure to check out our new American English Materials. You can find copies of our most recent materials at the following links. The Global Guide to English Language Programming in American Spaces can be found in Box and on the American English Website. The updated Picture U.S. edition 2021, is in Box and on the AE website. The Online Program Material Guides – Teacher’s Guide to Creating Lessons with MOOCs, MOOC Camp Guide for Facilitators, and Virtual Watch Party guide is in Box and on the AE website.

The American English YouTube channel has a new featured animated video about Outdoor Learning

Have you ever participated in outdoor learning? There are many benefits of outdoor learning for both students and teachers. Look at this video for some tips and to learn about outdoor learning’s positive effects!

The current issue of English Language Forum is available on the American English website. The (Vol. 59, No. 2) issue contains articles about finding heterogeneity in cultural homogeneity, using peace education as a basis for writing about a peacemaker, using an asynchronous video app to stimulate oral interaction, starting with “placemats”, and progressing to writing essays and much more.

The Materials Catalogue for English language teachers and learners is available.  These resources are aimed at supporting teachers of English outside of the United States. This catalog provides information on publications that are produced by the U.S. Department of State’s Office of English Language Programs and distributed through U.S. Embassies and Consulates around the world. Please see below for ordering information.

Online Professional English Network (OPEN) MOOCs: Integrating Critical Thinking Skills into the Exploration of Culture in an EFL Setting, English for Tourism Professionals, English for Media Literacy for Educators, Assessment of English Language Learners,  English for Business & Entrepreneurship, English for Journalism and more are open for enrollment. More details about all MOOCs and links can be found below.

American English at State Facebook Page

Description: The American English at State Facebook Page is aimed at English language learners. Please share it as appropriate with relevant audiences in your area.

September’s Theme: Language Learning

September’s Language Point: Phrasal Verbs

Graphics that are in the Box and Sharepoint for you to cross-post/use:

  • Idiom: in the cards
  • Language Learning: motivation, placement test, proficiency level
  • Phrasal Verbs: catch up with, go over, read up on, call on
  • English for Career Development MOOC Vocabulary: signature, elevator speech, qualified
  • #WomenWednesday features a quote from American law professor and writer, Amy Chua
  • #EducationUSA shares a vocabulary graphic for major
  • Holidays: International Day of Peace, International Day of Sign Languages, National Punctuation Day, National Comic Book Say

American English for Educators Facebook Page

Description: The American English for Educators Facebook Page is aimed toward engaging English language teachers around the world.

September’s Theme: Back to School